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Carol Coplin Baker Memorial Fund

Carol Coplin Baker

Carol Coplin Baker 1934-2015

The Carol Coplin Baker Memorial Fund at Girls Inc. Westchester

The Carol Coplin Baker Memorial Fund was set up by Sally Baker, our Founder, and her brother, Jeffrey Baker, because as Sally said, “Our mother was the strongest, smartest and boldest woman I know, and she is responsible for giving me whatever measure of those adjectives I possess.” Carol spent a lifetime inspiring the girls and women around her to set high standards for themselves and others, and to pursue their dreams. She did this by example, with a passion for family and travel, as a successful business owner and real estate broker, as a tireless amateur genealogist, and as a role model and mentor to two generations.

We thank you for honoring Carol’s legacy with a gift to the organization that Sally was able to start, thanks to her mother’s example. Through your gift we celebrate Carol and the many people who are stronger, smarter, and bolder because they had her in their lives. It will enable us to provide similar inspiration to girls in Westchester, which is home to Sally, her husband, Peter, and her daughter, Hannah — who at 15 is the proud embodiment of the “Grammie” she admired and adored.

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