You can take any occasion and turn it into a fundraising opportunity for Girls Inc. Westchester. Do it yourself, or enlist the help of others to form teams. Use our platform to create your own customizable website for any event or occasion. Then, direct your supporters to the website where they can contribute to your involvement in Girls Inc. Westchester.

what kind of things can i do?

  • Endurance races such as triathlons, marathons, 10K or 5K’s.
  • Anniversaries
  • Religious milestones
  • Birthdays
  • Mountain climbs
  • Any kind of “thon” such as a bikeathon, walkathon, spinathon, zumbathon

Be a Part of the Excitement – Become an Individual Fundraiser

Girls can move mountains

Board member Denise Kulikowsky is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in celebration of her 50th Birthday. You can support her volunteer fundraising page by clicking here.

Board member Denise Kulikowsky raised over $5,000 climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in celebration of her 50th Birthday

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