Established in 2007, Girls Incorporated of Westchester County inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We are the local affiliate of Girls Incorporated, a 150 year old national nonprofit providing more than 140,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges girls face. The Girls Inc. Experience consists of people, an environment, and programming that, together, empower girls to succeed. Trained staff and volunteers build lasting, mentoring relationships in girls-only spaces that are physically and emotionally safe and where girls find a sisterhood of support with shared drive, mutual respect, and high expectations. Hands-on, research-based programs provide girls with the skills and knowledge to set goals, overcome obstacles, and improve academic performance. At Girls Inc., girls grow up healthy, educated, and independent.



The problem: Our culture undermines girls’ potential.
We live in a country that systematically shuts girls out of opportunities to grow, achieve, and lead. For girls living in poverty and girls of color—who experience even greater inequities—the consequences are magnified.

Our impact: Girls Inc. changes girls’ lives.
Girls Inc. opens opportunities to girls today while making our society more equitable for all girls.

  • With Girls Inc., girls grow up healthy, educated, and independent. They break the cycle of poverty and lead change in their communities.
  • With Girls Inc., girls establish a vital foundation of healthy habits. Girls learn to value themselves and make positive choices, ensuring they grow up—and remain—strong.
  • Girls Inc. girls achieve in school and beyond. In many cases, they are the first in their families to attend and graduate from college, and they pursue careers in fields that have historically shut out women and people of color.
  • Girls Inc. girls are resilient. They have the skills and mindsets needed to overcome serious challenges, and to set and achieve their goals.
  • Girls Inc. girls use their voices, stand up for what they believe in, and are role models in their schools and communities.
  • Girls Inc. addresses the systemic barriers that hold girls back. Girls Inc. girls are civically engaged and advocate for pro-girl policies on a local and national scale. Together, we are redefining the possibilities for girls in America.
I want (people) to stop judging me for what I look like, but for how I act.

Kara, 13

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